On an atoll not far from now, nor far from here, we meet
a young man named Mala, who is eager to discover the
secrets of his island home. Woleai is strangely unaffected
by changes wreaking havoc across the rest of the planet –
and Mala needs to know why.

The importance of his observations is brought to the
forefront when scientists from afar arrive on the island.

A Sky of Wretched Shells is a provocative story in the face
of climate change, a merging of ancient and modern
learning and an answer to the question of our place in
the stars.

Hard copies ($25) and ebooks ($10) available here: https://thecubapress.nz/shop/wretched-shells/ or at good bookshops like https://shop.goodbookshop.nz/ and https://www.schrodingersbooks.co.nz/